About Us

By virtue of Department Order Number 110, Series of 1993 (DO 110, S.1993) of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), the function for the administration and enforcement of PD 1096, otherwise known as National Building Code (NBC) of the Philippines, was devolved to Local Government Units (LGUs). With this devolved function, the Office of the City Building Official (OCBO) implements regulations and requirements for the construction, alteration, repair, conversion, use, occupancy and demolition of buildings pursuant to Section 301 of PD 1906, as well as enforcement of related orders and decisions.

ENGR. CIRINIA GRACE CATUBIG is the incumbent Acting Building Official.

Our Vision-Mission


  • A leading building construction regulatory institution in the country.


  • To provide superior regulatory and related services guided by competence, integrity with utmost regard of public safety and environment protection towards an improved quality of life in Davao City.

Our Goals and Objectives


    1. Pursue continuing efforts towards sustainable efficiency and effectiveness in the administration and enforcement of the National Building Code.
    1. A socially responsive and constant advocacy for public awareness of rules and regulations and requirements concerning building construction.
  1. Regulatory services integrated with conscientious observance of environmental protection and preservation measures, and aligned rules of public safety and health.


    1. To enhance competencies /skills, knowledge and attitudes of personnel in their respective effectiveness areas relative to management and operations, more particularly on the provisions of the National Building Code and pertinent regulatory policies, rules and regulations.
    1. To facilitate the creation of a workplace / environment conducive to promoting personnel wellness and greater productivity.
    1. To ensure responsive and timely processing and evaluation of building and ancillary permits through an integrated infrastructure permit processing system.
    1. To ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the conduct of inspection and enforcement of building policies, rules and regulations provided under the National Building Code.
    1. To develop and maintain an information and education program towards a sustainable advocacy for public awareness to reinforce observance of utmost transparency in the conduct of regulatory services.
  1. To continuingly encourage collaboration and support of stakeholders in the building construction industry in the administrative control and enforcement of policies, rules and regulations and in the implementation of industry development programs and projects.

Our beginnings

The Ad Hoc Office of the City Building Official (OCBO) was created as a separate and distinct office from the Office of the City Engineer on May 2011 by virtue of Executive Order No. 26, Series of 2011 of Mayor Sara Z. Duterte – Carpio as part of the overall efforts of instituting effective management and administration. With the issuance of EO 26, the new organizational structure prescribed in the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (RIRR) and Additional Rules and Regulations (ARR) of PD 1096 was consequently adapted to be more responsive to the needs of the construction industry.

After its creation, OCBO launched Operations BANTAY BALAOD (BB), an extensive action plan to ensure that the NBC, its IRR, RIRR and ARR are uphold and implemented both in the supervision of all works related to buildings/structures and in the issuances of building and ancillary permits. District Head posts were created and assigned to ensure proper coordination of fieldwork, specifically the conduct of a one-time inspection for every building, machinery and electrical installation.

Who we are


What we do

Pursuant to Section 207 of PD 1096, the Office of the Building Official and its respective Divisions has the following duties and functions:

Building Official (BO) is primarily responsible for the enforcement of the provisions of PD 1096, its IRR, RIRR and ARR as well as ordinances, orders, circulars, decisions made pursuant thereto. The BO advises the Mayor, as the case may be, on matters relative to the development of the construction industry.

Assistant Building Official (ABO)  assists the BO in the performance of his duties. The ABO conducts final evaluation and recommendations of all permit applications and certificates and issuance before approval of the BO.

Processing and Evaluation Division (PED) reviews, evaluates, processes, and issues all permit applications and certificates. The PED assesses permit application fees, penalty and surcharge pursuant to the new schedule of fees and charges of PD 1096.

Inspection and Enforcement Division (IED) conducts inspection of all buildings/structures to ensure safety and compliance, including annual inspection of buildings, mechanical and electrical installation, signs and signboard structures, and keeps records of the same.

The IED ensures that all plans, specifications and other documents are in order and that all changes, modifications, and alterations in the design plans during the construction phase has not started until evaluation of modified design plan and issuance of necessary amendatory permits.

Administrative and Legal Services Division

Administrative Section is responsible for proper record management, safekeeping of approved permits and certificates, issuance of certifications, preparation of communications and recording of incoming and outgoing communications.

The Admin takes charge of personnel management including appointment papers, leave of absence, benefits, personnel records, discipline, performance evaluation and other personnel related matters.

The Admin is also responsible for proper fiscal administration and management including preparation of budget and program of works, preparation and processing of payrolls, vouchers and remittances.

Legal Services Section initiates legal action through the City Legal Office (CLO) against any person, firm or corporation for violation or failure to comply with PD 1096. It represents the BO in all legal actions and proceedings.

This section reviews and submits recommendation to the CLO through the BO on ordinances, memorandum, circulars and executive orders relative to the administration and enforcement of PD 1096.

Organizational Chart

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